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To promote your product/service with banner or video ads, we have created a range of advertising opportunities on the Black Ghost Audio site at competitive rates.

1. Ad Sizes & Placements

The Black Ghost Audio website currently offers the following banner ad sizes and ad placements. Please provide all ad sizes for your placement to ensure maximum impressions:

2. Ad Formats


• GIF (Static or Animated)

• HTML 5 or third-party adserver code.

• We do not accept PNG or Flash files.

3. Ad Specifications

• All artwork should be 72dpi resolution.

• Maximum file size is 150Kb.

• Please supply a referring Click Thru URL.

• Please supply a YouTube link (Available for Medium Rectangle - Top only).

• IAB animation guidelines recommend no longer than 15 seconds per cycle.

• All code must be https compatible.

• Third-party embedded code - please supply the code from your own third-party ad server as a text file.

4. Advertising Rates

All ad prices are listed in USD and indicate the cost of 1000 impressions (CPM). Campaigns require a minimum investment of $200, and can be capped off at whatever amount you feel is appropriate. Additionally, you may choose the range of dates you'd like your campaign to run.

View our advertising rates on the last page our media kit.

5. How to Submit an Advertising Campaign Order

"Black Ghost Audio Online Advertising Agreement," and a folder containing your properly-formatted creatives. These files will need to be uploaded as a part of the Advertising Campaign Request Form.

Please fill out the Advertising Campaign Request Form to submit an advertising campaign order for review.Before submitting an advertising campaign order, you'll need a signed copy of the