7 of the Best Music Production Accessories Under $25

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Everyone loves spending money on shiny new music production gear, but choosing to buy a Moog Subsequent 37 Analog Synthesizer instead of paying your rent probably isn’t the best idea. For those of you without the funds to support an insane gear addiction, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best music production accessories under $25.

1. Electronics Organizer ($19.99)

Loosely storing small electronics and cables within a bag will almost guarantee a tangled mess. Use an electronics organizer to neatly store your iLok, USB sticks, aux cords, USB cables, and power blocks. When on tour, an electronics organizer will keep you sane. Buy an electronics organizer now on Amazon.

2. Cable Box ($16.99)

If you haven’t spent time on cable management, there’s a good chance that there’s a cable monster lurking under your studio desk. A cable box will hide all of your unruly cables and make your studio much less of an eyesore. This particular cable box includes a phone stand, making it a sleek way to cleanup cables on your desk as well. Buy a cable box now on Amazon.

3. USB Sticks ($14.99)

The fastest way to transfer files to another producer is using Airdrop if you both have a MacBook, but many producers are gradually shifting over to PC due to performance and affordability. Your next best option is to transfer files using a USB stick.

Flash drives have dropped in price significantly over the past few years. You can now purchase 64 GB USB 3.0 flash drives for as little as $15. I like to keep a couple USB sticks laying around in different places so that there’s always one accessible. Buy USB sticks now on Amazon.

4. Tile ($18.99)

Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you find lost or stolen items. You can attach it to your music gear, headphones, or laptop and make it ring using your smartphone when it’s out of sight. If your Tile is far away, you can use the Community Find feature to let the Tile app running on other peoples phones send location updates to your app. Buy a Tile now on Amazon.

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5. Adhesive Velcro ($6.99)

Instead of allowing your external hard drive to dangle from your computer like a lame foot, you can fasten it to the back of your laptop with a piece of adhesive Velcro. If you want to keep track of your laptop using a Tile, you can attach one to it using a small piece of Velcro. Buy adhesive velcro now on Amazon.

6. RGB LED Lights ($15.99)

Lining your studio with RGB LED lights is a fun way to set the mood and get those creative vibes flowing. There’s an entire field of study known as color psychology that focuses on the emotional effects colors have on people. Whether you’re writing an aggressive song (red), or a more mellow track (blue), you can use colored lighting to enter the right head space. Buy RGB LED lights now on Amazon.

7. Shiatsu Massager ($21.99)

One of the biggest drawbacks of sitting at a computer all day is back pain. Even if you use a lumbar support pillow and maintain relatively good posture, you’re going to get sore from not moving around enough. I used to have terrible back pain that would give me migraines, but ever since I started using a shiatsu massager, the pain has completely disappeared. To be clear, the pain hasn’t just diminished slightly; it’s completely gone. Buy a shiatsu massager now on Amazon.

You can get a more advanced shiatsu massager if you’re willing to spend around an extra $20. This model includes straps that you put your arms through that allow you to control the pressure being applied to your neck and back. This is hands down the best wellness product I’ve ever spent money on.

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