The Top 9 Best Music Production Podcasts

Discover the best podcast shows for music producers. Learn about music production, audio engineering, and music business on the go.
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Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. They're a great way to remain productive on your commute to and from work, while working out at the gym, and while hanging out at home. Educational music production podcasts are relatively hard to come by; there's a high level of expertise that's required to host a show like this. On top of that, the show needs to be well produced, captivating, and consistent with its release schedule. Let's take a look at the top 9 best music production podcasts.

9. Appetite For Production

Appetite For Production

Appetite For Production includes music productions news, views, and laughs from two industry insiders. You'll find hot takes on the latest software and hardware, VST plugins, and Kontakt libraries. All of Tim Cant and James Russell's producer problems are laid bare.

If you want to be entertained, Appetite For Production is for you.  This podcast has been on hiatus as of October 2021 but there are 95 episodes that you can listen to.

Click here to listen to Appetite For Production.

8. Producer Life Podcast

Producer Life Podcast

The Producer Life Podcast brings actionable ideas for improving your music and getting your tracks heard so that you can level up your music career. This show is hosted by House Ninja who is a producer, DJ, and self-proclaimed superhero!

House Ninja dives deep with his guests and pulls some very interesting stories out of them. He's direct and keeps each episode rolling at a steady pace. The Producer Life Podcast has 100 episodes that you can listen to at the time of writing this.

Click here to listen to the Producer Life Podcast.

7. Music Production Podcast

Music Production Podcast

Music Production Podcast is an exploration of music production through informal discussions about technique, philosophy, gear, and creativity. It's hosted by musician, songwriter, teacher, and Ableton-certified trainer Brian Funk. Expect laid back and focused discussions with artists, producers, plugin developers, and more.

Funk is actively publishing new episodes each week and the show is running strong. There are over 260 episodes to listen to, most of which are a little over an hour long. Music Production Podcast will keep you occupied for quite some time.

Click here to listen to Brian Funk's Music Production Podcast.

6. Ableton Music Producer Podcast

Ableton Music Producer Podcast

Dan Giffin interviews today's music industry experts and Ableton Live users like KJ Sawka, Legwurk, and Bobby Owsinski. He explores all things music tech, from studio to stage.

Ableton users will immediately fall in love with this podcast. However, non-Ableton users will still find a lot of value here. You'll learn plenty of music production workflow tips and gain unique insight into the music industry.

Click here to listen to the Ableton Music Producer Podcast.

5. Made It In Music

Made It In Music is hosted by Seth Mosley and X O'Conner. It focuses on interviews with artists, songwriters, and music industry pros. Many people want to "make it" in the music industry, while few successfully make it in. Made It In Music aims to provide a clear path towards a music career for listeners, and help them maintain a music career long term.

Each episode is roughly 30-60 minutes so you can likely find time to cram an episode into your day. There hasn't been a new release from Made It In Music since December of 2021. Although, there's plenty of content to listen to, dating back to 2015.

Click here to listen to the Made It In Music podcast.

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4. DIY Musician Podcast

DIY Musician Podcast

Making music and building a career is more accessible to musicians than ever before, but how do you get your music in the ears of real music fans? The DIY Musician Podcast features interviews with promoters, lawyers, publishers, bookers, and artists of all styles and backgrounds to bring you the latest in music promotion and marketing.

This podcast is published by the music distribution company CD Baby. There are over 300 episodes that you can listen to, with new episodes being published every week.

Click here to listen to the DIY Musician Podcast.

3. Mixing Music

 Mixing Music

Mixing Music is a podcast hosted by mix engineer, Dee Kei, and Lu Moreno. This show is about mixing techniques, audio production, mindsets, business advice, and everything Dee Kei and Lu have learned throughout their careers.

There's a good blend of banter and production chit chat. The hosts typically open up with a few personal stories and then dive into the technical side of things. Mixing Music has killer episode titles like "Setting Up a New Room", "How to Find New Clients", and "Is Moving to LA Worth It?"

Click here to listen to the Mixing Music podcast.

2. Pensado's Place

Pensado's Place

Learn how to produce, record, mix, and master music and audio with Grammy award winning mix engineer, Dave Pensado, and legendary music business mogul, Herb Trawick. They interview high-level artists, producers, and engineers which makes for a fun listening experience.

You can catch most episodes on the Pensado's Place YouTube channel, in addition to various music streaming platforms. Pensado's Place has been around for a long time—there are over 540 episodes to watch/listen to.

Click here to listen to the Pensado's Place podcast.

1. SonicScoop Podcast


Join SonicScoop's Justin Colletti and guests to explore the best practices for running a creative business in audio, music, and other creative fields. Indulge in tutorials on music production and audio engineering, business masterclasses, and interviews with heavy hitting producers, engineers, researchers, journalists, creative entrepreneurs, and more.

Colletti is articulate, knowledgeable, and fun to listen to. You'll walk away from each episode with a smile on your face and likely having learned something new. SonicScoop publishes a new episode each week, with content dating back to the beginning of 2020.

Click here to listen to the SonicScoop Podcast.

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