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There are plenty of music production forums online but only a select few are worth your time. Some music production forums have become inactive over the years, while others are poorly moderated and full of spam. Of course, there's also a handful of music production forums that look like they've crawled out of the late 90s and are nearly impossible to navigate. Allow me to introduce you the top 5 best music production forums on the internet.

5. Home Recording Forum

Figure 1: The Home Recording forum.

The Home Recording forum has been active since 2010 and it was one of the first music production forums that I discovered back in the day. You'll find threads on recording, mixing, mastering, and other music production topics. There's a category dedicated to equipment that includes various instruments, and you can sort user forums by brand.

This forum is primarily dedicated to music production and instruments but there's a special section for prime time news, homebrew, free advertising, and live sound and events. The Home Recording forum delivers a little bit of everything for everyone.

Visit the Home Recording forum by clicking here.

4. Future Producers Forum

The Future Producers forum.
Figure 2: The Future Producers forum.

The Future Producers forum focuses on production techniques, hardware and software, music business and networking, and discussions by genre. This forum is a great place for DJs because there are categories for sample digging, flipping samples, mixing songs live, and scratching.

Both the Future Producers forum and Home Recording forum are built using a platform called XenForo. As a result, the two forums look almost identical except for the color scheme. The nice thing about this is that if you figure out how to navigate one of the forums, using the other will come quite naturally.

Visit the Future Producers forum by clicking here.

3. Gearspace Forum

The Gearspace forum.
Figure 3: The Gearspace forum.

Gearspace has been around for ages and is undoubtedly one of the biggest music production forums online. You'll find interviews, popular gear, new product alerts, and more. There's no lack of content here.

This forum is somewhat infamous for having an elitists group of users that might scare off new producers. Having said that, you'll be able to find the answer to a lot of obscure music production questions on Gearspace... if you're willing to put up with a condescending reply or two.

Visit the Gearspace forum by clicking here.

2. Black Ghost Audio Forum

The Black Ghost Audio forum.
Figure 4: The Black Ghost Audio forum.

Black Ghost Audio sells an online video course called Music Production for Beginners and has been publishing weekly music production tutorials and gear roundups since 2017. If you're new to music production, Black Ghost Audio is an excellent resource with plenty of beginner-friendly content.

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Recently, Black Ghost Audio launched a music production forum where you can discuss pro audio gear, plugins, recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, DAWs, studio construction, and music business. The forum currently has a small and welcoming community. There's a relaxed vibe that beginner music producers will really appreciate.

Visit the Black Ghost Audio forum by clicking here.

1. Sound on Sound Forum

Figure 5: The Sound on Sound forum.

Sound on Sound is a music industry giant based in Cambridge, England. The company has been publishing a monthly print magazine since 1985. The Sound on Sound website launched in 1998 and contains a massive archive of music production articles, news, and reviews.

The Sound on Sound forum contains hundreds of thousands of user posts. There's no shortage of content to browse but you don't get the same sense of community that you do when you join a smaller forum. Although, that's the trade-off that you make if you're looking for a forum that's packed to the brim with production insight.

Visit the Sound on Sound forum by clicking here.

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